The sound of someone walking on the leaves filled the park space

Scratches… Scratches… Scratches

A shadow swallowed everywhere.

Everything was just a sound.

Looks like you weren’t going.

From the mouth of the night monster

It was light.

Scratches… Scratches… Scratches

After every few steps, howling was heard.

Every time from a corner

The trees didn’t bear either.

They were shaking on themselves out of fear.

The stiff were clinging to the ground.

Some of them had fainted.

They were on the ground, even if they were.

I’ll blow a cold-breathed dragon on the ground at one tail.

The cats were screaming.

They had recovered the khe of their ancestors.

Maybe there are people dressed as cats.

They’re cleverly following us.

Maybe these trees are the hands of a giant creature underground.

Who are waiting for the right moment to grab their prey.




The Author: Alireza Hezareh.


Just for a little fear.

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